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For my second blog anniversary in September 2019, I have decided to create a special page for people who want to promote their blogs and/or someone else’s in the comment section.

I will check this page at regular intervals and will do two things.

One, for every link, I will donate Β£1 to Butterfly Conservation (

Two, I will promote the links on future blog posts at a future date. (A thank you to Hugh from for giving me the idea when he raised Β£250 for The Dogs Trust!

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I will get the ball rolling with one of my posts…

Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage:





15 thoughts on “Your Favourite Blog Posts

  1. This is such a nice idea Clare – I remember when we did it last year for Hugh’s charity. I read the blog of a woman from Portland, Oregon. She writes of different topics, one day a week about cooking, but most of her blog is about nature. She loves to garden, has a big perennial garden and feeds and waters the birds. She often writes of feathered friends bringing their young to the feeder. Her last post was about a Flicker, similar to a woodpecker, doing just that. Here is one of Sabine’s posts about hummingbirds. She has taken some great hummingbird photos:

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