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The Three Sisters

Victoria, Matilda and Eliza

Mabel and Ava have been busy making friends with three new girls, Victoria, Matilda and Eliza. Their story will be appear soon on Dreams and Adventures.


Interested in environmental issues, wildlife, spirituality, gardening, self-sufficiency and mini-adventures. There are two blogs, one is and the other, more recent one, is - ☺️

8 thoughts on “The Three Sisters

      1. That’s good you are back Clare – work is a distraction sometimes. Right now I’m hoping we have only another year to go which is what my boss says. I know he does not want to shut down the practice and this week will be a lawyer for 50 years. But he is now 75 and I am 66 and “ready” but I said I’d stay until the end (mind you, many years ago I said that). Yes, that was quite the experience in the quicksand!

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    1. Hi Emma, they arrived in July. It’s taken a while for them to settle in, especially as Mabel (who was being broody at the time) wasn’t very welcoming towards them and would keep chasing them. Thankfully they’re all getting on now. Yes, I think they liked exploring my living room! πŸ™‚


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