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Early signs of spring in my garden

Although there is still greenery in my garden, it lacks colour (except for my vibrant sun-yellow mahonia) at this time of year. But I have noticed a few early signs of spring. My perennial lungwort has started to flower, as it does about this time every year. I have found the plant to be as popular with bees as humans.


My primroses can also always be relied upon to provide a splash of colour at this time of year.

This time of year (start of February) is a turning point in the Celtic calendar with its festival Imbolc marking the beginning of spring, halfway between the winter equinox and the spring equinox. Looks like my garden agrees and I look forward to seeing more glimpses of spring awakening from my currently sleeping perennials over the next few weeks.

The plant got its common name because its leaves are shaped like lungs, and lungwort was indeed once used medicinally to treat lung ailments.


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12 thoughts on “Early signs of spring in my garden

    1. It has looked bad in America, we’ve managed to escape the snow this year (at least in Lancashire). I do like to be inside and look out at a beautiful snowy landscape but snow certainly makes things more difficult. Our storms tend to be more windy. (Storms Dudley and Eunice this week, last time it was Malik and Corrie).

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      1. We have this three-part storm Clare and I hope it is the end of the big Winter storms. It was wind today, tomorrow freezing rain and Friday the snow – half a foot at least. The wind is scary as tree limbs come down, especially when they are covered with ice, so I’m glad the wind came first.

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  1. Hey Clare, looking good. I sense we are going to have a climatically earlier spring this year, way earlier than we should. On the reserve all the ducks are picking ot nesting spots for the season which is a good six weeks earlier than they should be.

    The milder weather is always playing havoc with the seasons. beeen like this for a few years now.

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    1. I always have mixed feelings about seeing the early spring flowers. It was lovely to see the lungwort and primrose but I did also wonder, is it earlier than usual? While it always a hopeful sign to see glimpses of spring, I don’t want spring to come too early either! It’s interesting what you say about the ducks, I’ve noticed two robins in my garden for a few weeks now. Normally it’s only one so are they pairing up earlier than usual?

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      1. The birds are pairing up, l have noticed more robins and blackbirds now in the action. It worries me too as it throws a spanner into the whole works of a season sadly.

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