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2022 – and a New Year Goal

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Happy New Year from the Cosy Cottage family! Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? In January I like to muse about goals. In the past I have my resolution all decided before January 1, but then forget all about it come January 31. Recently I’ve been more easy-going with the When of making the resolutions, so I may ponder throughout January, decide by the end and try to stick to my new goal in February. It never lasts for the entirety of the year though.

Usually this goal is to ‘get fit’. Easily said. The problem with ‘get fit’ is that there seems to be no point unless it’s consecutive. It needs determination to keep going. A break now and again is fine but not for weeks on end. And if I have a talent for anything fitness-related, it’s the ‘taking a break’.

And then there is the ‘declutter’ goal, I look forward to starting it, read articles about the art of decluttering and cleaning one’s house from top to bottom, make lists and lists, and then get distracted and think about something else.

Maybe chickens. Or finishing a novel I’m currently reading.

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So I could give up the idea of resolutions but the thing is I find them inspiring. Maybe because January is a new month, a new year and a new start. Maybe because it brings me a sense of excitement and joy in a month that could otherwise be anything but. So I’m sticking to the idea of resolutions – but how do I make them stick?

I’ve been reading about others’ resolutions and a theme I keep seeing is picking a word to stick to, rather than a goal. At first, I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me. How would a single word help me get fit? Help wildlife? Write a novel? Walk a long-distance path (yet to be decided)? But why am I not focusing on any of these? I start being focused and then get distracted. Maybe I have too many goals? I would hate to give up these goals (even if I never reach them!)

Or maybe it’s because I’m not organised enough?

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Focused could be my go-to word but I think my 2022 word – and goal – is ‘Organised’. I can be focused on one thing but then forget about my other goals. To be ‘organised’ means I will find the time to write a novel, the motivation to get – and stay – fit, the focus on creating a more nature-friendly garden. Hopefully all of these things. I’m not disorganised as such. In fact I don’t think anyone could call me ‘disorganised’. I can do the day-to-day things no problem but in order to find the focus to achieve more, such as fitness, creative, environmental and decluttering goals, my organisational skills could do with improving. If I set myself a certain time to do things or a certain weekly goal maybe that would help? Or should my word be ‘determination’ or ‘focus’? No, 2022 is the year for ‘organisation’ at Cosy Cottage. For now I will stick to my resolution of ‘Organised’. Let’s see how it goes and where this journey will lead!

So welcome 2022 (hope you’re a better year than 2020 and 2021) and welcome my 2022 word ‘Organised’. Now let’s see how to get organised…


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9 thoughts on “2022 – and a New Year Goal

  1. On the 14th of January it was “Quitters Day” and experts say that is commonly about how long most (not all) people last with resolutions; sadly I had already broken all my resolutions by then and to become clutter-free and do so in small areas, not aim for the big clean-up at once was tried and failed. Organized is up there with clutter-free and I fear they go hand-in-hand. 🙂

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    1. It seems people feel positive on January 1 and then lose momentum 2 weeks later. I’ve done that in the past. I think you’re right about being organised and clutter-free going hand in hand. I hope by the end of the year I’ll be both but we’ll see!

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