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200 blog posts!

Today marked a new milestone for Cosy Cottage – I’ve written 200 posts!

Out of curiosity, I had a look to see what the three most popular posts were:

Morecambe Bay: Beware of Quicksand – This was a clear winner, leaving the runners-up A Wander in Yarrow Valley Country Park and Masons Wood well behind. Interestingly, most of the statistics come in from search engines which is unusual for my blog.

Morecambe Bay

Maybe the word Quicksand is liked by Google or maybe people like to read about others who are trapped in difficult conditions, potentially perilous ones? I’m currently reading 127 Hours about a man trapped in the Utah Canyonlands. Isolated, miles from anywhere, his arm trapped, not enough water or food… Plot spoiler – he gets out but at some cost…

Thank you for reading, liking and commenting! 🙂


Interested in environmental issues, wildlife, spirituality, gardening, self-sufficiency and mini-adventures. There are two blogs, one is and the other, more recent one, is - ☺️

12 thoughts on “200 blog posts!

  1. I got lost in Utah once for an hour or so. No part of my anatomy was trapped though I had left my 86 year old Dad in a car and it was very hot and I was without water. That was quite scary enough!

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