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Blog anniversary – four years old!

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Back in 2017, I started my blog – and now it’s 2021! I deem it highly successful, not because it makes me any money (it doesn’t) or because I have thousands of followers (I don’t) but because I enjoy it.

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It’s reopened my creative side which has laid dormant since I was a teenager. I enjoy thinking up ideas, writing my blog posts, taking photos and merging pictures and words together. I love the fact that my blog helps me to learn, that whenever I include facts for readers to (hopefully!) enjoy, I’m enjoying learning those facts too. Maybe it’s trees or history, chickens or guinea pigs, it’s all a learning curve. On a subtle level, I would love it if my writing inspired a love of nature and an understanding of why it’s important.

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This year I have tried to branch out by creating a new podcast channel! Some of my posts are more picture-led than others but others are wordy enough for a podcast. An issue I had was the sound of my voice. Do others dislike the sound of their own voice or is it just me? But I found Anchor had its own audio voice I could use as a substitute so no embarrassment there.

This is more of a creative adventure rather than a money-making one. It was interesting to see how easy it was to do via Anchor and WordPress but I admit I get more enjoyment of putting a blog post together rather than a podcast of my blog posts. Still, it’s always interesting to learn new things. The web address is

To mark this ‘blogiversary’, later today I’m going to revisit two posts I wrote about this time four years ago. They were two of my very earliest posts. Happy memories of Llandudno…


Interested in environmental issues, wildlife, spirituality, gardening, self-sufficiency and mini-adventures. There are two blogs, one is and the other, more recent one, is - โ˜บ๏ธ

29 thoughts on “Blog anniversary – four years old!

  1. Congratulations on your blog anniversary Clare and I feel like you do; it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. That and walking which led to creating a blog. I hope you have many more years of blogging ahead of you! I am going to have to try doing the Anchor podcasts too.

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  2. Happy Blogiversary ๐Ÿ™‚ Still enjoying enjoying it after 4 years is quite the accomplishment!
    Also, you’re not alone in disliking the sound of your own voice. I think most of us feel the same way ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Thank you so much for writing this. Iโ€™ve had a blog since 2013 and lately Iโ€™ve been in a slump. This post has helped me put some things in perspective so, from an old salt to a young buck, thank you so much for help me to see the reason for my visions again.

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  4. Congratulations, and happy anniversary!!! I am new to the blogging world, and find myself jumping in with similar intentions. Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™ve found my voice yet, exactly. Iโ€™m not sure if thatโ€™s the point, either. But I do know that I wake with enthusiasm, a desire to create, and thatโ€™s not a motivation Iโ€™ve felt connection to in a long time. Thank you for the reminder, and the extra boost this morning!

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