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A love of bite-size facts

Factfiles about mute swans and macaw parrots

Recently I wrote a post about planets and a reader’s comment about bite-size facts reminded me of how much I too love quirky and fascinating, interesting and informative facts. I was further reminded when I met my friend and godchildren. Noah, eight, presented me with various factsheets about swans, parrots and peregrine falcons. It turned out to be a very educational weekend – for me!

So here are some facts, courtesy of Noah…

Photo by Anthony on
  1. All the swans in Britain belong to the Queen.
  2. Swans can live for 25 years.
  3. It is illegal to kill swans in Britain.
  4. Peregrine falcons can reach up to 200mph when diving – they are the fastest animals.
  5. There are only 10,000 blue and gold macaw parrots left in the wild and 1,500 scarlet macaws left. This is due to the pet industry and loss of habitat because of deforestation.
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

And here are some extra facts, courtesy of me (and The Miles Kelly Book of Life):

  1. There are at least 360,000 types of beetle – they make up about one-third of all animal species.
  2. Most spiders have six or eight eyes.
  3. Spiders sometimes run fast but it won’t be for very long. The Miles Kelly Book of Life states: ‘Their breathing system is not good enough for sustained exertion’. So don’t worry, spiders can’t catch you!
  4. What is the simplest animal? It is the sponge, which has no proper brain, muscles, nerves – or even eyes.
  5. What mysterious animal that’s rarely seen alive and lives in the deep ocean? Answer? The giant squid.

If I am ever stranded on a desert island, please supply me with a good book of facts and I will be quite content!


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12 thoughts on “A love of bite-size facts

    1. I loved books like that when I was a child. 🙂 I remember having a history book about famous figures from history, I loved it. I also still have my children’s encyclopaedia, minus its cover, from many years ago.


  1. Love the bite size digestible facts and i’d like to add one. While sat in my friend’s car i found a ‘top trumps’ game in the door pocket that she and her kids play. This fact interested me because while weeding in a friend’s garden i found an acorn with a shoot! A mystery as no oak trees close to her garden….. maybe a squirrel dropped it? The fact is…… out of every 10,000 acorns only one actually grows into an oak tree!

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    1. I never knew that about the acorns, Emma. Each oak tree is very lucky considering the remote chance it had of growing from an acorn! Thank you for telling me as I love learning new facts (I just wish I could remember them!) 🙂


  2. Amazing tidbits you have shared with us Clare. I used to follow a blogger who would post 3-4 times a week with scientific and math stats and fun numeral puzzles. Edmark had a treasure trove of info. He lived/lives in Hong Kong. He must have shut his blog down as I’ve not seen posts since early 2020. I just searched for him online but no presence. I enjoyed those stats. These were all interesting … the beetles – oh my, but I can live with beetles, spiders not so much, so your factoid that was: “Spiders sometimes run fast but it won’t be for very long. The Miles Kelly Book of Life states: ‘Their breathing system is not good enough for sustained exertion’. So don’t worry, spiders can’t catch you!” made my day!!

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    1. That sounded an interesting blog, a pity the blogger stopped writing. I don’t mind spiders (although it’s good to know they can’t run after me!) but I’m not keen on slugs, especially when they sneak into my house if I leave my door open. Thankfully they can’t move fast either! 🙂

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      1. I thought maybe I had unsubscribed to Edmark’s blog somehow, so I went back a few years on my blog to find if he commented or “liked” a post and clicked on his name. It said the blog was deleted and it is the same on Twitter as well. It is a shame and I wonder why. He had some brain teasers that he would do – fun to try and he’d give the solution at the end. Those slugs don’t move too fast, but some are so big! I had slugs in my yard about 10 years ago. I was going through “Sluggo” granules which didn’t work I bought these items from a gardening supply catalog which were two parts, top and bottom, shaped like a mushroom and you had to pour beer in. Slugs like yeast, so supposedly at night they go to the beer, fall in and drown. Didn’t work. I even bought copper wire to put around the flowers (especially Hostas) … they cross over the wire with their wet bodies and die. I’m an animal lover, but the slugs ate all my flowers. Finally they quite bugging me. It was a very moist Summer and I’m surprised I don’t have them this year.

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