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Snapshots of my July garden

My title was going to be Snapshots of my June Garden – then I realised it was actually July. How quickly time flies! I bought a lot of plants earlier this year, planted them, then forgot about them. Until they decided to remind me with their presence…

Patio Corner – can you spot Dottie?
The Pond Garden
The Gravel Patch and Goldenrod Corner. The spare chicken house is essential, awkward to place elsewhere and not particularly attractive, so flowers have been planted around it
Mabel vandalises Goldenrod Corner
Roses in the Chickens’ Garden


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16 thoughts on “Snapshots of my July garden

    1. Thank you. ☺ The roses were already there when I first arrived 10 years ago and they still flower each year which is fantastic. You’re right about chickens, I have to keep an eye on them otherwise there would be no plants left! ☺


  1. It’s lovely to see an English country garden – I’m envious as I lost a good part of my garden in back-to-back Polar Vortexes and I’m reluctant to buy new plants as this weather is so erratic anymore. I did see Dottie seeking shade in the corner. Very nice Clare!

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    1. Thank you Linda. It’s a shame when the weather makes it difficult for plants to grow. Maybe some hardy plants could survive? I used to have flowering baskets at the front of my house but it was in a very windy corner, the baskets would keep swinging and the wind wasn’t good for the flowers inside the baskets so I just gave up and had containers on the ground instead. And sometimes my lawn becomes more like a marsh because of the rain. Thankfully it hasn’t been so bad this year. It would be nice if the weather and our gardens could cooperate!

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      1. I have had waterlogged pots and/or hanging baskets through the years too Clare. Sometimes the weather was so rainy, or the weather folks were calling for rain, that the pots and baskets spent more time under the patio awning in the backyard, then they did on the shepherd’s hook. We’ve had too much rain after being in moderate drought since earlier in the Spring/early Summer. Mother Nature and gardens were not in sync.

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  2. Lots of vibrancy in there Clare, l see healthy swatches of are they Nasturtiums? Have you been battling the plagues of snail and or slug?

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    1. Thanks Rory, yes, they’re nasturtiums. They’ve just sprung up in the last couple of weeks, as has the honesty (not flowered yet). The honesties are threatening to smother the geraniums! I’ve spotted holes in some leaves, including the nasturtiums, so I suspect the dreaded slugs are around somewhere.

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      1. They usually visit in the evening Clare, they hide during the day in the moister areas like pots and undergrowth, beaneth bark chips and so on, but they do hunt and feed at night. Leopards will hunt normals at night.

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