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Secrets of Preston: Highgate Wood

Highgate Wood

For many of us, lockdowns and travel restrictions have made us more aware of our immediate surroundings. Whereas in the past, going for a walk in the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales might be a common enough event for someone living in the north of England, at the moment there are restrictions and with it the fear of possibly being stopped by police for a ‘non-essential journey’.

So it’s been a time to stay local and this is when I realise that a city like Preston has a lot of little natural beauty spots, well hidden from the rest of the world. Today I visited Highgate Wood in the suburbs of Preston. Its entrance is on one of the main roads (Garstang Road) into Preston. Why I have walked past it on various occasions but never thought to pay a visit I do not know. But I’m here now. It’s not a large wood but it’s a very pleasant place to stroll, with Savick Brook flowing in the middle, paths either side and benches dotted around.

The woodland is located in Highgate Park, also the name of an old residence built in 1876 which was once situated here. A group of residents called The Friends of Highgate Wood look after the woodland.

Savick Brook, Highgate Wood
Highgate Wood
The entrance to Highgate Wood


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18 thoughts on “Secrets of Preston: Highgate Wood

    1. It really is a lovely place. Yes, it’s a great feeling when discovering new places nearby. I can’t believe I’ve lived near this wood most of my life and only visited this year! I’ve also been rediscovering places I haven’t been to for a long while and seeing them in a new light. 🙂


    1. I’ve come across Savick Brook in another woodland near me as well (Mason Wood). It would be interesting to follow its journey. I wonder if it flows into the River Ribble at some point.


  1. It looks peaceful Clare. I am grateful for the close proximity of Council Point Park. I hate that we have the time change this weekend, because I’ve been able to get down there earlier and avoid any crowds, especially in cold weather due to the mask fogging up my glasses, I’ve been able to keep the mask at my chin and only flip it up if someone comes near and I steer clear of everyone (human). Your lockdowns are serious business and that is good. Things are getting lax in some places … in Texas today they said baseball games after their season opens will be “unmasked and full capacity” … risky business for sure. The Governor lifted some restrictions last week and now the plateau we had has ended up in new cases.

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    1. I’m so thankful for the green spaces we have. They have certainly been needed this last year! We’ve had restrictions/lockdowns here for a year now (it was about this time last year the first lockdown happened). I think most people are looking forward to the end of lockdown but the Government is lifting restrictions gradually here. It’s trying to strike a balance between looking after people’s jobs, livelihoods and mental health with reducing Covid deaths/hospitalisations and reducing pressure on the health service. Thankfully the numbers of infections seem to be going down (hopefully this will continue and things will start getting back to normal).

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      1. I think they are doing things smartly in the UK. We have some states which have lifted bans on masks and social gatherings like baseball games in their state (Texas for one of them). I am pleased with our Governor for her strict rules and regulations … alot of people are not however.

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    1. Thank you Rory, glad you enjoyed it. ☺️ It’s certainly is very surprising to find new discoveries. Since my walk to Highgate Wood, I’ve come across another scenic spot that I’ve never encountered before and again it’s in walking distance to my house!

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      1. hey Clare, that’s the beauty of actually seeing things … we all suffer from it at times and the time we notice them is when we stop. Do you know what l mean?

        Before l lived in Sandwich, l used to live in Kingsdown and despite living there from 2019 – 2020 in the last few months before leaving l found three places quite close to where l was, l hadn’t seen and all because the lockdown caused me to slow down and look 🙂

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