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A Medley of Trees

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All my life I have wanted to learn the types of trees, to be able to identify them by their bark, their trunks, their leaves, their buds, their branches… To know their myths, history, ecology and more… I start off every new year with this unofficial resolution to learn my trees in the same way once, many years ago, I learnt my times tables.

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But winter never seems a great time to learn once the trees have lost their leaves. Then by spring and summer, this resolution has fallen – like so many – by the wayside. And when it gets to winter again, and I embark on a frosty walk in the local woodland, once more I think “wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell the difference between that tree and this tree?”

I love these majestic giants but how little do I know them!

So I will use this blog to act as an occasional tree journal to help jog my memory when it comes to learning about trees.


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11 thoughts on “A Medley of Trees

  1. A worthy blog journey, Clare. We humans have underestimated the value of trees and the ways in which are we interconnected. If you have not already done so, I highly recommend that you read The Overstory: A Novel by Richard Powers.

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    1. Thank you Rosaliene. ☺ It’s a shame that humans have taken trees for granted, considering how important they are. The Overstory sounds like a good story about people and trees. I shall look out for that. Thank you for the recommendation. ☺

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  2. I dont know my trees that well either. I am pretty good with wild flowers, mainly because my mum would tell us the names of ones we would see on our walks as my sister and I grew up. I would love to be better at identifying trees. They are even harder to identify in Winter..

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    1. I’d like to be able to identify wild flowers too. Sometimes I’m not even sure what my garden flowers are! Maybe once I learn some trees, flowers can be next. As spring is coming, I’m hopeful that the trees will start being a little easier to identify.

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  3. I say that very same thing about wildflowers Clare. Every year I wonder “how difficult can it be to learn what these wildflowers are on sight, instead of spending time looking them up at various sites online?” I signed up for a 5K yesterday and it is called “Run for the Trees” and is a virtual run/walk in conjunction with Earth Day and Arbor Day. The idea is to use the entry fee for the event to raise money to plant new trees. I thought it would be fun. I took a little hike in a wooded area last year where they had tags to identify all the trees – I appreciated that as I only know the “basic trees” that I learned as a kid when our teacher had us go and get them and press them onto waxed paper and glue them onto a sheet of paper to I.D. them.

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    1. The tags around the trees are a great idea, it would certainly make them a lot easier to identify! I like the idea of a Run for the Trees. A good cause helping wildlife, human health (I believe nature is beneficial for our mental and physical health) and climate change all in one. ☺

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      1. Yes, it helps a lot. I learned “Shagbark Hickory” at a new place where I went (Detroit River Wildlife Preserve) and it was in a 300-year old forest. I like when they give you facts and figures as you are walking on trails. This is the first time for doing this 5K and I liked that it was a good cause, especially since so many trees have been lost during wildfires. I read the info and they are allowing international participants. They do inflate the registration price a little to cover cost of shipping/handling the shirt and medal. The link is below if you are interested. I am not really frivolous with my money since it is just me so I decided to enter the 5K, though as a walker. If you wanted to register the last day is March 1st.,4570,7-350-79133_79205_96703_97244—,00.html

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  4. Funnily enough, I find winter quite a good time to get stuck into Tree Studies. It’s all about the bark! I’ve still got a way to go, but get the bark patterns sorted you’re half way there

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