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Third Blog Anniversary – An Ode to Escapism

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Without meaning to, I took a break from writing my blog for three months. I really hadn’t expected to, assuming I would return sooner rather than later. I’m sure there must be many like me who mean to return to their blog but other things get in the way. Before I knew it, three months had flown by and the third anniversary of my blog (in September) had been and gone.

So what have I done in those three months? I’ve hiked 600 miles of the Appalachian Trail, spent time with curious children who claim to have lived past lives, visited Africa – to be precise Kenya, travelling on a very rickety precarious train – and have been trying to solve murder mysteries in a small town in Mississippi and a tiny island off the coast of Dorset.

Oh, and then there was the strange case of a secret alchemy group and its connection to brutal slayings in 1600s Aberdeen, Scotland.

A selection of books I’ve read this year

So you can see why I had no time to write my blog when I had the above to contend with!

Truly, I have found books and escapism a godsend this year. It has been one of my mechanisms for coping with a topsy turvy world.

My life may have become restricted in 2020 but my mind has still gone to various fascinating locations, encountering a miscellany of characters and scenarios, and so for this year’s anniversary I dedicate this post to writers of fiction and non-fiction, books and blogs.

I also salute the WordPress community of fellow bloggers. It’s a really friendly, inspiring community out there. It’s been a harsh year for many of us and it’s easy to feel anxious or upset right now but I find the blogging world quite the antidote. It’s a creative, warm and inspiring place to visit and take part in.

Now I’m back, I wonder why did I leave for so long?

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As an extra motivation aid, I’ve also decided that I will try to write a post at least once a week, and publish it on Sunday at 2pm, with an occasional extra post on Wednesday, same time.

We’ll see how long being organised lasts!

Thank you for reading. ☺️


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18 thoughts on “Third Blog Anniversary – An Ode to Escapism

  1. You are right. Books and the adventures and romances that I have been part of vicariously have been a wonderful escape. I live alone, so reading, movies and video chats have been my saviours. Happy Blogaversary Clare.

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    1. Ha, yes I’ve forgotten previous passwords before! The worst place is work when they change computer passwords every so often, just to confuse me I think! Thankfully I have an easy to remember password for my blog. So far anyway… ☺


  2. Books are a perfect escape and I used to love to read. A good book can have you immersed in the tale and let you get away from reality for a while. I’ve focused more on blogging than reading and I’d like to get a happy medium because I need to push away from the computer. I’ve worked from home the last ten years and I sit way too many hours here. Thank goodness for the walking regimen or I’d be sitting even longer.

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    1. And with Bill Bryson too! Okay, it was my mind and imagination that actually did the trek, not my legs, but reading A Walk in the Woods is much easier than walking the trail! Maybe one day I might be able to walk a little of the trail but probably not all. That’s asking for a lot! 😀

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      1. I’ve been watching a guy on YouTube, his channel is Over The Hill Outdoors. It reminds me of the old 70’s nature shows I used to watch when I was kid.

        It’s giving me a hankering to be outside! Hoping to get out there ASAP!

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