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Our World: Covid litterbugs


It’s 2020 and for many, the world has changed – and yet some things, some people, remain the same.

There have always been humans who throw their litter on the ground, heedless of the fact a bin is just around the corner.

Is it stupidity, for not knowing how to use a bin? Is it arrogance and rudeness? Maybe both?

But my earlier hopes that this pandemic would inspire people to have more awareness and respect for the environment was expecting too much from some members of the human species, it seems.

Now these litter bugs have a new item to discard – used face masks.

Why put it in a bin when you can leave these single use plastic items, covered by germs (maybe of the virus itself), on the ground for wildlife to harm themselves by eating, a child to stumble upon, or a cleaner to have to pick up?

Face mask litter

There are many mysteries in the world and the logic that goes on in the minds of these Covid litterbugs is just one.


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14 thoughts on “Our World: Covid litterbugs

  1. This is one of the things that drives me crazy. I have to stop myself from picking them up and putting them in the garbage. I need to get a pair of gloves and spend a day picking them up. I also see lots of used gloves, especially in the grocery store parking lots. I can’t believe that in this day and age, people just don’t seem to care.

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    1. It’s really annoying. I’ve seen some used gloves too. Often when I see used masks or gloves on the ground there’s a bin nearby and even if not, why don’t the litter bugs take them home and put them in the bin?

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  2. Yes, we have that here too, plus we had a real problem at the beginning of the pandemic wherein people came out of the grocery stores and immediately yanked off their gloves and mask and threw them anywhere, but NEVER in the trash can. I don’t touch my mask to remove it if I go to a public place until I am home and have washed my hands … I don’t want to fidget with anything near my face. No words sometimes.

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    1. It’s so frustrating. I went on a walk today and saw masks on the ground again. Why do they not wait until there is a bin or, if there is no bin, until they are home? I hate litter anyway but this must also be a public health hazard?

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      1. I agree – people were really complaining about the masks and latex gloves which people threw on the ground, next to the garbage can! Makes no sense to me. I don’t take it off til I get home and wash my hands first. Our stats are getting worse every day here – I am glad I have worked at home the last decade and no one comes to the house, it’s just me, so less worries about germs. Except for walking, I go out as little as possible.

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