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Garden Makeover 2: Goodbye Decking, Hello Patio

Following on from my previous post, a lot of work has been done since then!

The decking was all gone now. Some of the wood was rotten, but the rest would hopefully be reused in some other form.

Membrane was laid down for the path and then covered with golden flint and moonstone. Some of the decking was upcycled to create a border for a new raised vegetable bed.

On the left hand side, this vegetable bed was formed. This would be the new kitchen garden.

Before the revamp, it was a stony wasteland. I had tried putting various plants there. At one point, it was a herb patch. But it was so small and awkward to get to that the plants just got forgotten about.

Now, it was home to lettuces (grown from seed by Simon’s mum), tomatoes in two pots and various containers, previous citizens of the decking.

On the right hand side was the patio. I knew what I wanted on the left hand side – a place to grow vegetables and a home for some container plants. But where would the patio go? I needed a place for a table and chairs. Originally, I thought of a patio that would lead straight to the living room door, but a path linking to the main garden path struck Dad and I as a better idea.

This meant that the patio size would be petite – just big enough for a table and chairs but then again, that would be plenty enough for me and a guest.

Putting buff coloured flags was my dad’s first idea. They weren’t too expensive and would be fairly easy to maintain. But then my dad looked at all the unused decking wood and thought, “why not use this?” So the decking was upcycled as the floor for the patio. Two layers was laid down while a border was placed around it.

I painted the decking, my dad painted a second coat. The table and chairs were painted a lovely cornflower blue.


Eventually we got to a point where all that was needed was a tidying up and possibly a final coat of paint – when a dry day would finally arrive.


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21 thoughts on “Garden Makeover 2: Goodbye Decking, Hello Patio

    1. Thank you Sheila. πŸ™‚ I know what you mean. Doing something about my decking had been a wish of mine for a few years until something was finally done! I also have plans for my house too but maybe that might take another few years to get round to! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Rory. ☺ Ha, yes definitely non-chicken territory! Otherwise they would try to gobble up any plants they can find! I have to be careful what plants I put in ‘their garden’ as they often don’t last long there. ☺

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