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Herbs for the Kitchen




I bought these little herb pots in December and, now I’m living at a time when home and garden life has become more important, it seems like the ideal time to sow these seeds. I have planted parsley seeds before with mixed success, but if it works, I and the guinea pigs will be very happy!


There are three lovely little china planters sitting on a tray, 10 compost pellets, basil, chive and parsley seeds.


First, I placed the compost pellets in a container and poured 450ml of lukewarm water.

I left it to stand for about 45 minutes. After this time, I mixed the compost.

I then filled each pot two thirds full with the compost and scattered a sparse layer of seeds – parsley, chives and basil – in a pot each. I then covered each pot with a thin layer of compost.

It now takes pride of place on my kitchen window – a warm, well lit area as suggested by the instructions on the box.


According to the instructions, it says ‘keep compost moist at all times ‘ and ‘after a few weeks, harvest with scissors as required ‘.

I haven’t used up all the seeds or compost so I’ll put both in a convenient place and re-seed when ready.

Hopefully I will have some herbs for both myself and the guinea pigs in a few weeks!



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19 thoughts on “Herbs for the Kitchen

    1. You’ve reminded me that I have fennel growing in my garden and I’ve never harvested it! I’ve never tried carraway so must try growing that some day. πŸ™‚


  1. Clare – I worried about my canary not getting enough greens in the Winter when we had ice and snow and canaries can only have romaine lettuce (iceberg and some other varieties are too full of water). So I read that you can take a romaine stalk, make it about three inches long and root it in water. Sure enough I had a stalk with roots and it did well except I don’t get enough light in my house, so it stayed pretty small but with tender light-green leaves which he liked!

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    1. That’s a really good idea Linda, I expect your canary was very happy with the lettuce! πŸ™‚ I also never realised canaries could only eat romaine lettuce. Hope you’re keeping safe and well.

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      1. Here is a little video Clare – once it takes root, you can plant it and always have a little lettuce on hand and even some tender greens before you plant it. Canaries only can have romaine as the other lettuces have too much water in them. So far so good Clare – I don’t know whether I should take a break from walking as the Coronavirus is supposed to peak here in Michigan this week and next – the stats are just horrible. Hope all his well with you – stay home and hunkered down and good luck with your green thumb. Here’s the video:

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      2. Thank you Linda for the video link. I think walking in quiet areas is fine as long as we keep a distance from other people. It’s when places are busy that it becomes more problematic. It’s a balance between keeping ourselves and others safe from coronavirus and keeping physically and mentally healthy with exercise. Keep safe.

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      3. I agree Clare – it is bad here, but after rethinking my decision to stop walking, I decided to go back out again. I do not see many people in this park and we are a fair distance away from one another. I’ve not gone to the larger parks lately as I don’t want to use gasoline and then need to fill up – more germs. Like you said we need to stay physically and mentally healthy – while most things are shut down here, and many are annoyed with our Governor for doing so, she is trying to promote hiking and biking and even walks in the neighborhood.

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      4. Forgot to ask – hopefully you’ll try it as mine did take root fairly quickly but I have metal blinds on my windows and only two open and they are not places with sun nor a wide windowsill or else they’d have done better.

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  2. IFor a really simple and sefl sowing plant that is pretty and might be suitable for guinea pigs Claytonia perfoliata or Miner’s Lettuce may be something to consider. I look forward to seeing your pots reap lovely herbs. I struggle for some reason with parsley.

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  3. I got a window box of little planters with seeds over a year ago. Had all good intentions of planting them and harvesting to use in my recipes. But I started with one set of seeds and they sprouted but quickly molded and life got too busy. I had been told to place the extra seeds in the freezer, and now with stay at home orders in place and springtime struggling to escape the cold temps, I may just get that envelope of seeds back out and see if I can get things growing once again. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    1. I have packets of seeds in my fridge, including one with carrot seeds. They’ve been in there for more than a year. I must sow them at some point. What seeds have you got? Good luck with them. πŸ™‚


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