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Chickens and Compost


Apart from a deluxe dust bath, there’s nothing like a good rummage through freshly turned over compost. One never knows what one might find – worms, grubs… There’s a whole treasure trove in the compost, waiting to be discovered and devoured.


Unfortunately, as my dad was digging out the compost, he spotted two rats, feasting themselves. So when we put the bin back in place, we placed some wire netting underneath to deter these intruders. Fingers crossed, this will work!





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23 thoughts on “Chickens and Compost

  1. They certainly manage to get in don’t they! One of my compost bins has been home to a pair of mice this winter and I haven’t had the heart to move them on. Not sure how long they will last with my cats around though.

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    1. I do find mice quite cute and I wouldn’t mind a single one living in my garden. I just wouldn’t want too many of them (and neither would my neighbours!) I had one in my coop last year but I think he’s gone elsewhere now. Now it’s the rats which keep coming in unfortunately.

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  2. we had problems with rats too, unfortunately they only stopped coming when we lost the chickens and so stopped putting feed out. They were brazen little sods, I bought an airgun but only managed to shoot a few. But yeah, when we put things down like manure, we just left it to the chickens and after a few days they had spread it out for us.

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    1. The rats that come into my garden are certainly very brazen! I’m trying to strike a balance between still feeding wild birds, having a compost heap and keeping and feeding chickens – and deterring rats at the same time. It’s certainly a learning process of trying to find out what works.

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  3. Rats are a nightmare, but are usually attracted to some of the food stuffs added to the heap – like cooked foots – meats, fish, cheese and fats – have you thought of blending them and adding them in a liquid form and then giving the heap a quick turn?

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  4. Clare great solution Rats are a pain with compost. I have a tumble bin and something actually ate through the plastic a good size hole to get into it. there was no meat, or fat just vegetables in mine. I hope your solution succeeds.

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    1. Unfortunately rodents seem to have very strong teeth, even my guinea pigs have good teeth! I hope this solution succeeds and rats can’t eat or dig through wire mesh. They seem to be very determined creatures though.

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