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A chicken’s guide to keeping warm


The Cosy Cottage citizens are lucky in that we live in a relatively temperate climate (usually), even in the winter. But life can still get very chilly, especially for these chickens who live out in the garden coop. Thankfully, they have a lovely fluffy thick plumage so that helps. But the more heating aids, the better…

Every morning these days I scatter porridge on the ground. It used to be leftovers from the pot but the stickiness was not pleasing to my hands or the ladies’ beaks! So now I buy porridge that’s reasonably priced and scatter it from the packet. The foraging helps stop them getting bored too.

Corn is given in the afternoon, a couple of hours before bedtime (although these days, bedtime seems to be about 3pm and getting earlier and earlier). To avoid rats, it is given in the coop when the girls go in for the night.


Plenty of straw is always needed for bedtime. Although I’m sure half of it seems to get kicked ‘downstairs’ when the ladies get ready for bed.


Keeping an eye on the water supply is always vital. No one can drink frozen water after all!

Making adjustments to the coop to make it warmer is useful to do during these cold months.

And lastly, a tip from the ladies themselves – early bed and snuggling together helps fight against Jack Frost.



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19 thoughts on “A chicken’s guide to keeping warm

  1. Hey there, Clare! I found you through the Networking for Bloggers post and I just had to follow your blog when I read your comment! And this is my favorite thing I’ve seen all morning! They are so cute and it makes me really happy to see fluffy little chickens all snuggled up together.
    Thank you for sharing with us! ❀

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    1. Thank you, glad you liked my post. πŸ™‚ Chickens are much hardier than they look. I always worry when the weather is bad here but so far (touch wood!), they’ve been fine!


  2. I wish I was a chicken! I already eat porridge every morning and I am not opposed to eating corn. But the best thing seems to me to go to bed early, around 3 pm would suit me. πŸ™‚
    Do they sleep through the night well and at what time do they get up?

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    1. They do seem to have a nice life! πŸ™‚ They sleep through the night and only get up when it’s light. In winter, this can be after 8am. In summer, they’re up about 5am, maybe earlier. They follow the sun in their sleeping patterns.

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      1. I need to become a chicken in my future life. I would love to be able to sleep that long! They will not get a winter depression with all that coziness and long sleep πŸ™‚

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