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A wander around the RSPB’s Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve


The West Midlands, especially around Birmingham, has a reputation of being a built-up, urbanised sprawl – but there are some rather idyllic parts here too.

One such peaceful haven is Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve. I was lucky enough to visit here one sunny October day and here are some of the beautiful views I saw…




As well as the beautiful scenery, wildlife we spotted today (mostly at the hide overlooking the lake) included heron, swans, coots, cormorants, lapwings and gulls.

My godchildren especially enjoyed the mud kitchen, making mudpies (yum, delicious!), the bat trail and a nearby children’s playground.

Even where there are large cities – this site is close to Birmingham after all – there is always natural beauty nearby.

Facts of the Day

1. RSPB Sandwell Valley was once used by the nearby colliery.

2. There are a variety of habitats including wildflower meadows, woodland, scrub, wildlife garden, ponds and lake.

3. The site is based around Forge Mill Lake and is part of Sandwell Valley Country Park.

4. The address is: RSPB Sandwell Valley, Tanhouse Ave, Great Barr, West Bromwich, Birmingham B43 5AG.

5. For more information on the RSPB, visit




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19 thoughts on “A wander around the RSPB’s Sandwell Valley Nature Reserve

    1. It’s often the case with me that the nearer something is to me, the less likely it is that I’ve visited! I have still to visit several stately homes near me! I would definitely recommend Sandwell Nature Reserve. πŸ™‚

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  1. This would be a place I’d like to visit Clare. I like the name of the fungi “Wibble Wobble Jelly Ear” – cute and clever. The view was great and I like including those teasels (some call them that, I just call them burrs) in my shots too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I took almost an identical picture hoping to get the teasels in there and a fellow blogger said her son had taken a similar photo of teasels and she liked it so much, he had it enlarged and framed for a gift for her. There is just something rustic about them I like.

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  2. This looks a super haven to wander around, Clare. I didn’t know about this place, so I’ll definitely go and check it out. You’d never know such a beautiful place could be hiding in such a built-up area. Thanks for sharing this and I’ll definitely be going there. πŸ™‚

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