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Two years on… My Second Blog Anniversary

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Two years ago, I started Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage. It started off as a garden and chicken diary and has become a diary of some of my life’s experiences (including chickens and gardens!), an outlet to voice opinion on issues which matter to me (nature mostly) and a way to motivate myself to write and get fit. I love learning – whether it’s about plants or historic places – and writing it all down helps me remember.

Here’s a few of my very early posts:


I’ve also virtually met many bloggers who have supported me via likes, comments and follows – and an enjoyable read of their own blogs. The variety out there is wonderful, thank you for the support and great reading!

So, to mark my second blogging anniversary, I’ve set up a page on my blog called Your Favourite Blogs. Here, you can include a link/s of your favourite posts or of the blog itself. If you want, you can even promote one of your favourite bloggers. For every link, I’ll donate a pound to Butterfly Conservation, a British nature charity which aims to protect butterflies and the natural spaces they live in. (Read about them here

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Here’s where to find the page –  Your Favourite Blog Posts


Interested in environmental issues, wildlife, spirituality, gardening, self-sufficiency and mini-adventures. There are two blogs, one is and the other, more recent one, is - ☺️

40 thoughts on “Two years on… My Second Blog Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary, Clare! 🙂 It’s good to know you’re still going so strong after two years of blogging. It’s funny how we start off with one purpose in mind for our writing, but gradually expand our horizons and grow. I never thought I’d be brewing alcohol for mine! But I guess blogs evolve, like everything else.
    Here’s to the next two years, and to sharing some fun on WordPress. 🙂

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      1. You’ll be spoilt for choice as there are so many breeds of hens. I personally chose bantams because they’re small and I have a small garden but they’re not the best choice if you want a lot of eggs! (Although they are doing well at the moment, 2 eggs on average every day this month between the 5 of them, in winter they don’t lay at all). Hybrids are apparently good for eggs and are quite reasonable to buy (in the UK anyway). My original choice was ex-battery hens as there are a lot here who need good homes. I would still like to get some one day. Think about what space you have (bantams are best for a small space), whether they are for pets, eggs, meat (although I couldn’t imagine eating any of mine!) or show.

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      2. We would like eggs. I imagine the chickens become friends, so meat wouldn’t be our goal 🙂 Not sure what ex-battery means? US may have different terminology. Hybrids lay in the winter too? Thanks for your advice!

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      3. Battery hens are hens kept (for eggs) in very small cages in the UK. The conditions used to be even worse but it’s still cruel in my opinion. Charities rescue them and people can adopt and give them a good home. I think hybrids lay in the winter too but it’s best to check first. There are also pedigree hens which may be good for laying. I would also check for how long certain breeds can live for as I think some may live longer than others. I do find that the eggs from my chickens may be small but they taste delicious!

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