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Our Planet: The Amazon Rainforest – Fiddling while the planet burns

rainforest during foggy day
Photo by David Riaño Cortés on

Gathering tweets is part of my day-to-day job and sometimes I come across events and news that haven’t been given full attention by the mainstream media.

Anyway, yesterday I came across something which made me freeze in horror – the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is happening at a faster pace than ever before and the damage can even be seen in space…

Fires are up by more than 80 per cent compared to last year says Brazil’s space research institute.

This isn’t a natural forest fire but one perpetuated by humans obsessed with making money.

cascade creek environment fern
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I’m not a scientist or a knowledgeable naturalist, but I believe we are all part of this planet.

My spiritual view is that we’re meant to look after it, be its caretakers if you will.

My practical view is that we are all part of the ecosystem – we damage it, we damage ourselves.

Some months ago, the beautiful medieval Notre Dame Cathedral in France was on fire. The world was horrified, there was much media coverage and billionaires flocked to donate money to save it. 

And rightly so. It was and is an important part of history, religion, architecture and culture.

rainforest during foggy day
Photo by David Riau00f1o Cortu00e9s on

But when a beautiful, ancient, natural part of the world is burning – one that is home to a diverse range of wildlife (including rare species) and indigenous tribes alike – the world seemingly turns a blind eye.

Where is the media coverage? Where are the celebrities? Where are the donations to save it?

If Trump says (not even does) something controversial, it will attract worldwide attention straight away. 

It seems the Brazilian President, who wants to develop the rainforest, is immune to such scrutiny.

scarlet macaw
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If the company Amazon went under, it would be big news.

But the rainforest burns and no one notices.

It affects many animals and the tribes who live there.

The wider Brazilian population will suffer.

Ultimately, we will all reap the consequences of this terrible decision. 

bird flying zoo beak
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There is a saying, ‘Fiddle while Rome burns’, which means to do something trivial while an emergency is taking place.

According to legend, the Roman emperor Nero played his violin while Rome burned all around him.

I can’t help thinking of this phrase when hearing about this catastrophe taking place right now.

I hope it stops before it’s too late…




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26 thoughts on “Our Planet: The Amazon Rainforest – Fiddling while the planet burns

  1. This is so sad. My daughter accidentally came across the news of this the other day on YouTube and today was the first time I saw it on our local news. Even then they were just talking about how many people are going crazy over it on social media. I think it’s something that needs to be taken seriously! Like you said, if Trump even so much as uses the bathroom everybody knows about it right away. Yet this is being overlooked. So sad.

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  2. It was actually finally discussed on BBC Radio Four yesterday. The Amazon is in fact the biggest single contributor of oxygen to our atmosphere, so we should indeed all be worried!

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    1. Thankfully I think the world is now paying more attention but it seemed to take a long time for such an important issue to be highlighted. I just hope something will be done about it now and the rainforest doesn’t get destroyed any more than it has.


    2. Actually, the Ocean is. Macroalgae such as kelp, and other marine plants 🌱 like phytoplankton etc. produce over 70% of the world’s oxygen. All terrestrial trees produce the other 30%, With The Amazon Rainforest producing less than 9% of the world’s oxygen, probably even less according to National Geographic.
      One type of phytoplankton, Prochlorococcus (so small that millions fit into a single drop of water) produces countless tons of oxygen and is estimated to provide the oxygen for 1 in every 5 breaths we take.
      The Ocean is the lungs of our Earth 🌎

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  3. You are so right Clare – I’m behind in Reader so just reading this today, but I just learned today that the Amazon Rain Forest is one of the natural wonders of the world and I never knew that. I also heard that finally someone has stepped up to the plate to try to start a fund to help … Leonardo DiCaprio has made some movement to do this … good thing before another one of our treasures is no longer around to enjoy it.

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    1. I’m just hoping that this destruction will be stopped before it’s too late. It affects so much wildlife, much of it rare, the tribes living there and even the air we breathe. I think it would have a terrible effect on our planet if it was completely destroyed. Here’s hoping the Amazon will be saved.

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      1. I hope so too Clare and over here they have not even mentioned the Amazon rain forest so much the last three or four days as the focus has been on the devastating hurricane Dorian and what damage it will wreak – right now Florida is in its bulls eye.

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  4. So aptly written. We are directly or indirectly responsible for what’s happening on our planet. People like us should raise these issues whenever we can and thanks for doing it here.

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  5. It’s amazing that you ar bringing awareness about the tragic fires in the amazon. Hopefully with the help of organizations such as The Rainforest Alliance we can restore the Amazon again at some point. Hopefully soon.

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