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A robin’s nest


Earlier this year, a couple of robins – who usually wouldn’t go anywhere near each other – decided to set up home together and raise a family in a bird box in my garden.

It was a rather attractive abode, hand-made by Simon and painted a duck blue by myself. Last year, great tits lived in a different nest box in Cosy Garden but this was the first time The Blue Cottage would come into use.


I noticed one, if not two, of the robins every day it seemed. They were very busy, flying, eating from the feeder, perching on a garden table, surveying their territory.


And then one day, silence.

I didn’t notice right away. I assumed they must have been doing their business when I was out at work or somewhere else. Also I expected the mother to be sitting on the eggs so I didn’t expect to see her.

But still…

I continued to avoid the top part of the garden so I wouldn’t distract the pair.

The days went into a week and then another week passed by. Perhaps the eggs had hatched and the chicks had flown when I wasn’t around?

Eventually, I gave a little peek. Something I avoid doing as new and expectant mums hate being disturbed.

But there was no one there except five tiny eggs.

So what happened? To this day, the robins have not returned. Possible explanations I have heard were the adults were ‘killed by a cat or car’ or ‘the eggs were never going to hatch, they weren’t fertilised in the first place. So they left’.

I hope the robins weren’t killed, hopefully this time it just didn’t work and they will be back with more eggs and a successful outcome.

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15 thoughts on “A robin’s nest

  1. That’s so sad – I’m a bird lover like you are Clare, and even though I don’t like when the robins (and ours are much bigger than yours) try to nest in the coach light, I would have liked to see them raising their family here and you updating us. Hope they are okay.

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  2. A couple mockingbirds made a nest in a tree next to my house last year. The tree is bushy and where they put their nest wasn’t the most secure… they had 2 eggs if I’m not mistaken and one hatched. I loved that they came and started their family there. And I loved the little bird they had. But we had a bad storm come through and all I could think about was that nest… I checked the morning after and the nest had fallen apart in the storm and the baby was on the ground. It was still alive but I had no idea what to do… would the parents still take care of it on the ground? It’s a matter of time before something eats it or it just dies…. I left it alone hoping something would help it…

    I came home from work and checked it… it was still there but it was suffering. So I had no choice but to put it down. I hated it… such a beautiful beginning and terrible end…

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