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May 2014 onwards – Paws forward

This experience happened while on a sabbatical from work in 2014. I recommend helping out an animal sanctuary but be aware that you will want to take all your new-found furry friends home!

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My assumptions that all dogs were ready and eager for a walk (based on my own experiences with canines) were dashed after I encountered the lovely residents of Animal Care. Staffie-cross Cleo was an overweight old lady who waddled along at her own pace, plump jack russell Della wanted to be bribed to walk an extra five steps (no delicious titbits for you, Della, you’re meant to be on a diet!) Emma was a beautiful, gentle lurcher who preferred to sniff the fascinating smells at her leisure and chow chow Millie was too hot in her fur coat on a summer’s day to venture far. There were, of course, the younger boys and girls who reminded me more of my own two rascals (sorry, Molly and Teddy, I mean jack russells!) Bouncy Roxy, a black lab-type; well-named Bullet, a lurcher who wanted to run; amiable jacks Nelson and Bella; and…

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7 thoughts on “May 2014 onwards – Paws forward

  1. I learned while in college not to volunteer for that very reason…and I was living in a dorm. That was a very interesting semester. When I went for my current best friend I took a helper with me to help control my impulse.

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    1. It’s a good idea to take someone on a visit to an animal sanctuary to keep us out of temptation! One day I hope to adopt a rescue dog (or two), I’ll have to be very firm with myself when I go to the shelter as I can’t take them all home even if I would like to.


      1. Hope you can again Clare – I can’t commit to a pet, the loss of them is too great, so I am petless now. It broke my heart when my canary had a stroke and I had him euthanized. I work from home and have no family so his loss was a big blow to me.

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  2. It sure is Clare so I can’t do it again. My mom and I had a parakeet and when he died in her hands, we said “no more pets” That was 1983 and then my neighbor bought a canary in 2006 and she just got him and her mom got sick in Arizona and she had to travel to see her and was gone about 2 1/2 weeks. She asked if I’d go to the house every night to take care of it and we said it was too cold to leave it in the house uncovered at night (October) and it would be lonely. We brought it here and spoiled it and gave it lots of attention. When my neighbor returned, Sugar went back home and my neighbor was never home – she worked, had family and friends, and he moped and did not sing so she gave him back to us. We were ecstatic – he died the same year as my mom, so I got another canary for company and lost him four years later … now I just read about others and their pets, no emotional attachments that way.

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