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Fitness Challenge 2019: January round-up

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So for my new year’s resolution to get fit (the same resolution I’ve had for the last 10 years!), I decided to break it down into monthly chunks, each month would have at least one challenge.

January was Red January and is an initiative organised by mental health charity Mind. Red originally stood for Run Every Day but I prefer Random Exercise Every Day, a phrase I spotted on the internet!

My second challenge for this month was to reach 100 miles by walking. This is to contribute to my overall 1,000 mile target by the end of the year.

Challenge 1: Walking 100 Miles

By the end of January, I had walked 74 miles, not what I aimed for but still more than what I would usually do in the month of January. This was what I would call coat-on walking. Coat-on for me means every mile is counted outside, via a pedometer. However, as it’s January, it’s cold and dark and I was aware of how easy it was for me to find an excuse not to go on a proper country ramble.

But I still:

Frequently walked to work and back (1 mile. I sometimes drive as it’s on my way to other places I go to after work).

Frequently went for a walk at lunchtime (2 miles)

Walked the family dogs (Various, 1 mile to 5 miles)

On two days out with friends/Simon, we ambled around the cities of Lancaster/Chester (about 3/4miles)

One canal walk with Dad (2 miles)

One walk into city centre and back (7 miles)

Nothing spectacular but it all adds up.

Challenge 2: Red January

This challenge was primarily for me to get into the habit of becoming more active. I included any additional walking in this but there were days because of snow, a headache, a stomachache or perceived time restraints when it wasn’t as easy to venture out. So I lifted two dumbells and did 100 arm curls on those ‘lazier’ days. It won’t get me fit or strong but it still keeps me thinking along the lines of ‘doing something every day’ and only takes a couple of minutes.

Red January aims to help people’s mental health as well as physical health and raise awareness of the charity Mind (

(Exercise is believed to be good for mental wellbeing).

So overall, a mixed month. I don’t feel particularly pleased but I don’t think I’ve let myself down too badly. It is only the first month after all!

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So my next set of challenges for February is:

1. Aim to walk 100 miles again. I failed this month but maybe I might do better in February?

2. Continue to do something active everyday – even squats or arm curls if nothing else.

3. Aim to set aside 15 minutes five days a week for yoga.

4. Start planning at least one long-distance hike this year.

5. Buy trainers for exercise classes.

I will see if February is a more successful month! πŸ™‚




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13 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge 2019: January round-up

  1. You did well in January, I was a RED Jan participant too and also hoped to walk 100 miles. My step count converted to over 100 but my deliberate ‘going for a walk’ miles only reached 70ish.
    Great goals for Feb too, good luck πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Karen. πŸ™‚ I do think it’s harder in the winter months to get out and walk because of the cold, darker days. Red January is a good motivation to have and 70 plus miles may still be more than we might normally do in January. I have a few days off work this month so hoping to get some miles ticked off then! πŸ™‚


  2. You still did well Clare – I have an aggressive goal as well and was going “great gun” with 50 miles under my belt when the crummy weather arrived and it has not really left. I felt fortunate to get two days of walking in this weekend (since the last two weekends I just got one day of the weekend) but I am really lagging behind now. The crummy weather, but most of all all the freezing rain, has been a killer for my walking regimen. We have wintry precipitation today, tomorrow and all the way into Wednesday – I’m already considering this week a lost cause. Sigh. I still wished we lived closer.

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    1. I think January is always a hard month anyway to get out due to the cold and early dark evenings but the awful weather you had must have made it impossible. At least March is around the corner (although I’m now thinking of the phrase March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb). Roll on spring!

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      1. It is Clare – Thankfully the first part of January was okay and I hope I did not set my sights too high for my 2,000 km goal … 1,242 miles. The ice was so bad here today that I couldn’t open the front door to feed my furry and feathered friends on the porch.
        We have another ice storm coming tonight!
        I hope the mail carrier didn’t attempt to climb up there – I’ve told her to skip my house but I think they have to carry the mail anyway. We had no mail delivery for two days during our big Polar Vortex. My fingers are crossed for an early Spring – I don’t think this El Nino will happen.

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