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Fitness challenge 2019: The beginning

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So is 2019 the year when, finally, I get fit and healthy? Every year I aim to be this magical fit woman, filled with energy, but the efforts of becoming this person is just too much for lazy me. Sure, I can trek up mountains but walking up those steep hills is tiring indeed. How wonderful to feel I could run up them instead of panting and puffing, in some discomfort, as I do presently.

Last year I set myself a fundraising swimming challenge (eight miles in four months) with proceeds going towards Butterfly Conservation and The Donkey Sanctuary. This was from February to May. I decided I still liked swimming but not that particular pool (it was too busy). I also walked 10,000 steps a day for a fortnight for The Big Issue Foundation, a homeless charity, in March.

And so when it came to Scafell Pike in April, it felt easier than I expected.


So challenges help me to keep motivated and so I have devised new ones for 2019, to be spaced out over the year so I always have something to aim for.

1. I signed up for RED January. It is a challenge, created by mental health charity Mind, to help people support their mental wellbeing through exercise. It’s also about raising awareness of mental health issues. R. E. D actually stands for Run Every Day, but thankfully this is not essential (I’m not keen on running!) It’s more about getting active every day in some way. I’m aiming to walk more, at lunchtimes or to work.

For information on Mind and R. E. D January, visit and

2. I’m also aiming to walk 100 miles in the month of January. Originally it was 150 miles, which would be great but I’m not sure I will be able to achieve it in such a dark, cold month.

3. I signed up for Country Walking magazine’s 1,000 miles in a year challenge. I did this, one month late, last year and just scraped through.

4. To walk the 21-mile Preston Guild Wheel in one or two days. Perhaps in April or May?

5. To do one long-distance walk of at least four days. How wonderful to do the Coast to Coast Walk (12 days!) Maybe in September?

And there is always the dream of walking up Ben Nevis. Will it be this year?!

I will write a monthly update on my training programme and how far I have progressed with plans. Surely if this doesn’t motivate me, nothing will! Have you got any fitness goals this year?

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26 thoughts on “Fitness challenge 2019: The beginning

    1. I find setting specific goals does help as I can be quite lazy but when I have a goal I get a sense of something to aim for and the feeling of accomplishment is great too. Hope you find something you enjoy. πŸ™‚


  1. Great idea! I love walking and haven’t been doing enough lately. It’s hard to fit it in during the shorter winter days. My aim is to walk more and do some longer walks. Maybe I need some specific challenges like yours to get me going!

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    1. I’m finding walking quite hard to fit in during the shorter days too. I’ve been walking to work and at lunchtimes more (and walking up and down the stairs) but I’m looking forward to the lighter mornings and evenings. And the better weather! Roll on spring! πŸ™‚

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  2. Wow – you have great goals Clare – I did 1,162 miles in 2018 (beat my goal for 2018 by a whopping 111 miles) and my goal for 2019 is 80 more miles … someone suggested I shoot for 2000 kilometers so that is how I came up with 1,242 miles (or 2,000 K) for my goal. I wish we lived closer Clare – you’d be a great walking partner!

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    1. Congratulations on the 1,162 miles Linda. That’s a fabulous achievement. Best of luck with this year’s goal. Yes, it would be great if we lived closer and beat our goals with shared walks! πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks Clare and I’ve hit a roadblock of sorts for awhile – we got a half foot of snow yesterday and the winds chill today and tomorrow are equal to -20 F (around -28 C) so have to take a few days and rest on my laurels, I would love it if we lived closer as I would appreciate a walking buddy.

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  3. Good luck with all your fitness plans and challenges. I reckon I might just make 150 miles walked this month – or rather it might have been possible if I hadn’t damaged my knee πŸ˜•.
    It’s always a shame when pools are too busy for a proper swim.

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    1. I’m hoping that the more specific I am, the more likely I will actually achieve my goals after failing most years! (I think it’s what the fitness experts advise too). Here’s hoping this year will be different! πŸ™‚


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