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Meet the residents of Cosy Cottage

Here are the furry, feathered, finned and foliaged inhabitants of Cosy Cottage:


Guinea pigs Loco and Blaze, pictured during their first ‘boar date’ in 2018

Florence on top, Jemima, Dottie, Mabel and Ava on bottom

Chickens Florence, Jemima, Dottie, Mabel and Ava.


Zebra Danios, pictured hiding behind the plants.

Aloe veras
Palm-style plant
Peace lily, about 8 years old


Regular visitors jack russells Teddy and Molly.


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17 thoughts on “Meet the residents of Cosy Cottage

  1. I have a Parlour Palm and three Spider Plants. I also have a pot with some Forget-me-nots in them. I am hoping they will flower this year.
    I do have hayfever, but having my green-leaf plants I seem to be ok with, but anything floral I should avoid, but my Forget-me-not have a sentimental value to them and I am seeing how I get on with this one flower plant when it does flower.
    I used to own a pet. A female cat named Miley. She was put to sleep last year in March, as she had cancer and was suffering at that point. The Forget-me-nots are what the vet sent me as seeds, with a pet sympathy card.
    Whether they will flower being in a pot indoors. But I am hoping and it would be nice.

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