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Blogging – one year on

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It was about this time last year (September 12 to be precise) that I started writing this blog. It coincided with getting chickens – and then a week later, an ipad. So my journal about hens, gardens, nature, musings on life, self-sufficiency, curious places, treks, dreams and adventures came into being.


On the journey, I’ve come across interesting bloggers and blogs, learnt about chickens (sometimes the hard way!), enjoyed walks and adventures and learnt to become more creative.

My main reason to write this blog was to finally get into writing, something I’ve been aiming to return to since a teenager. Writing a blog enables me to practise creativity and organisation. It also helps me learn about my interests, such as gardening and wildlife, and places I visit.

More than 40 posts have been written. Some I enjoyed more than others. My least favourite post to write was in recalling the building of the chicken coop, although not quite as bad the actual construction itself! The most pleasurable posts involved writing about the hens’ characters, imagining what would they say if they could speak in a ‘human’ language.

I still think of Jemima as posh, Dottie as bossy and Florence as optimistic and cheerful!

Some bloggers have many targets for figures, followers, hits, likes and comments. I am tempted but it’s so easy to get stressed over such things. I’m not in it for the money or the fame so as long as I enjoy writing this online journal and some people enjoy reading it, then all is well. ☺️

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So to mark Cosy Cottage’s first birthday, I thought I’d give a little plug to three blogs I have enjoyed reading.

Bookety Book

A blog written by a Book Club friend about the search for what makes a book truly great. The website is striking and well written and covers an array of book reviews and opinions. One for the bookworms.

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Walkin’, Writin’, Wit and Whimsy

This is written by a woman, walker and nature lover who is ‘strolling around south east Michigan. Sending joy in the journey’. She says she started a walking regime in 2011 and decided to blog about her experiences to help her memorise people, places and things seen on her daily walks.

So there are lots of nature pictures and we get to know the various characters at the park such as Parker the cheeky squirrel. I like this blog for the feel-good factor it gives.

And my third choice is:

An Historian About Town

It offers a great variety of subject matter – style, ballet, books, travel, baking… And I have also read some helpful articles about blogging here too. Yes, here is a stylish lifestyle website with both variety and content.

Thank you for reading Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage!



Interested in environmental issues, wildlife, spirituality, gardening, self-sufficiency and mini-adventures. There are two blogs, one is and the other, more recent one, is - ☺️

17 thoughts on “Blogging – one year on

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog Clare – that was kind of you. I like to find the extraordinary in the ordinary on my daily jaunts, and in parks and with nature, and in Parker my cheeky squirrel pal I do indeed find joy. I am grateful for working at home, after commuting to Detroit for decades, which permits the daily walk. I have been blogging for 5 1/2 years and the first nearly 5 years I had a handful of e-mail subscribers and only two people who ever commented on my posts. Suddenly last November someone read my blog and followed and then I became like you, meeting new people, learning about them and their cultures and countries and I like that. It has been a fun experience, and I hope the two of us will remain blogging pals for a very long time.

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  2. Interesting concept. I am very new to blogging and was told I needed to do this to have a platform as I am trying to see if the book that I wrote from a dogs point of view is worth publishing. Thoroughly enjoyed your concept of why you blog as I am of the same mind but I recently have been intrigued by the photographers that blog and their beautiful pictures. May have to pick up my camera.

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    1. I have seen other blogs by authors and it does sound that having a blog platform is helpful if you’re writing/publishing a book. I also love looking at bloggers’ pictures. Some of them are absolutely stunning. 🙂


    1. Thank you 🙂 I think it depends on what type of chickens they are. Mine are pekin bantams so they’re very docile most of the time. Unless they’re brooding then they can be a little irritated as I found this year! 🙂


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