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Bantams versus the ‘Beast’


Many of you British residents will remember the so-called Beast from the East from earlier this year, who came, saw and conquered our land for a period of time. Like the Snow Queen in Narnia, the ‘Beast’ seemed intent on transforming our familiar landscape into an often beautiful but also a potentially dangerous one.

At Cosy Cottage, the temperatures dropped. The pigs (guinea pigs, plural, as it was at the time) were provided with more hay, the hens with more straw. Every morning I had to pour freshly boiled water onto the chickens’ drink container – which had frozen over. And at lunchtime, the same again. How could it get frozen so fast? Dottie and Co were not impressed by the snow. Apart from being freezing cold, how could they step out onto such peculiar, alien surroundings? And of course, wild birds might find it hard to find a drink in these Arctic conditions, so I gave them a bowl of water too.


One day, the ‘Beast’ finally left and our land was turned green again.

The conditions provoked much debate, was the extreme weather caused by climate change or was this all an over-reaction? What is clear to me is that Cosy Cottage is often lucky when it comes to the weather. This cold spell was much worse in other areas of the country and sadly, people even died because of the frozen, slippery conditions.

Facts of the Day

1. On February 24, Britain and Ireland were affected by a cold wave and this was combined with Storm Emma. This cold spell was repeated on March 17 and 18.

2. According to Wikipedia, there were 16 winter-related deaths in the UK during that period.

3. When it’s bad weather, keep any outdoor animals warm and make sure they have enough water to drink (and it hasn’t frozen over). Remember wild birds need to eat and drink too. A container for water can help them, as will fat balls or other bird food.


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