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Tribute to Bugsy


A sad week at Cosy Cottage – a death and burial (under the apple tree) of Bugsy, companion of Loco and well-loved guinea pig in general.

He was more reserved than Loco but under his pal’s influence and wise guidance, learnt to be outgoing and become a professional beggar.

He could be irritable and, at times, to human eyes, a sex pest towards his fellow bachelor (to be fair to Bugsy, in the guinea pig world, mounting your fellow male housemate is showing – or trying to show – dominance).

And often Loco would get his revenge by snatching dandelion or parsley straight from Bugsy’s mouth.

That wasn’t about showing he was boss. It was just greed.

Bugsy had a funny way about him, making a brrr sound rather like a motorbike or motorboat. He would also swagger from side to side, like a cowboy.

Again, I think it was a dominance thing. Bugsy elected himself boss – that is, until it came to food, then it was Loco’s turn to rule the roost.

The red-headed one loved adventuring. One of his escapades was hiding under my desk. Safe and sound for him, worry for me as I wondered how on earth a flesh and blood rodent could simply disappear.


He resided at Cosy Cottage for two and a half years, his previous dwelling was at an adoption section at a large pet shop.

Before that is a mystery. Apparently he and Loco (they were adopted together) hadn’t got on with the other guinea pigs (or vice versa) at a previous home but other than that, nothing else is known.

So how old he was is unclear. What is certain is that one day, during an arctic cold week (had this anything to do with it?) he fell ill and weak. A day later he had gone, as they say in the animal spiritual circles, over the Rainbow Bridge.

Ultimately, for all their disagreements, he and Loco were great companions who got on most of the time. He was a fabulous little character who made me smile. We will all miss him at Cosy Cottage, especially Loco.

If you’re thinking of adopting a guinea pig, why not try your local pet rescue charity? Read up as much as you can about guinea pigs first though. Pet adoption is a commitment. 🐹


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