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2018 Spring Challenges


If thoughts were actions, I would most certainly be fit and healthy judging by the amount of time I spend dreaming about becoming fit and healthy. Alas, musing and imagining is not quite the same as actually going to the gym, taking part in the dreaded metafit (never again!) or even attempting to follow the Zumba instructor’s dance moves.

But planning, writing lists entitled ‘how to get trim and toned’ and day dreaming is so much more fun!

But sometimes in one’s life, a thought-provoking event or a particular milestone birthday arises, and then one thinks, ‘I never expected to get to this age.’ (Not quite sure what I was expecting. To get younger like Benjamin Button maybe?!) It’s a weird notion. At times I feel as if my 20-something era was just a couple of years ago and it is a shock to think, no, it was much much longer than that.

So maybe this is my ‘midlife crisis’ or maybe it is a natural response to the famous January Blues, whereby after the overindulgence of Christmas food and drink, many of us become wellbeing devotees.

Or maybe, this year, I am finally determined to do it. To lose those ‘spare tyres’ around my stomach which make my trousers increasingly and unflatteringly tight. To climb up steep hills without feeling as if I must have a rest and a mouthful of water. Every five minutes. To be able to lift things, without thinking, this is a task for the world’s strongest man (or woman), not I. Even when the item in question isn’t really all that heavy to begin with.

Yes, 2018 is it. The year.

Whatever the reason, I have set myself three spring challenges.

One is to climb Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England. 🏔️

One is to swim the equivalent of 8 miles within four months – February to May – and hopefully raise money for the Donkey Sanctuary and Butterfly Conservation. 🏊


The Donkey Sanctuary cares for donkeys here in the UK and abroad. It also has donkey assisted therapy for children with special needs.


And Butterfly Conservation is an environmental charity which seeks to protect butterflies and moths and their habitats. Although butterflies tend to be loved and admired, much of their habitat is disappearing and some varieties are becoming increasingly rare.


My third challenge is to walk 10,000 steps a day between March 12 to March 25 in aid of The Big Issue Foundation.

It’s frightening to think that it wouldn’t take much for many of us to go on that slippery slope towards homelessness. Early poverty, an unfortunate family upbringing, an unexpected tragedy, a broken relationship, unemployment…

What I like about The Big Issue Foundation is that it enables people to help themselves, giving them self respect and a hand up out of the vicious circle of poverty and homelessnes.🏃


Hopefully, I’ll get fit and at the same time, these three charities which help people, animals and the wider environment will benefit. Win, win.

If you’d like to sponsor  for either of those events, I would be very grateful but there is no pressure.

The addresses are

The Donkey Sanctuary

Butterfly Conservation

The Big Issue Foundation

What challenges have you set yourself, either in the past and/or for this year? Why not leave a comment and share your inspiring challenges ☺️


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