On the fence


So what did the girls at Cosy Cottage get for Christmas?

Well, they received mealworms for being good hens and laying eggs, even though it is winter and so they had the perfect excuse not to work so hard. But they also got an extra surprise for new year.

When Santa (actually Simon) paid a visit to Cosy Cottage, he decided they would like a bigger run, actually why not give them the whole of the side garden? So Simon dug holes for  posts which we firmly secured with bricks and stones. Then with wood pallets, he sawed, measured and drilled the planks of wood to make two fences. One secured, one that can be lifted and moved as and when.

The girls check out their new territory…


Below, Dottie bravely peeps out of the new fence, Florence and Jemima await her verdict on what’s ‘Out There’.


And below, Florence plays a game of Hide and Seek…

‘They’ll never find me,’ she thinks…


So on a day when I am around, such as a weekend, they can potter about in the garden, nibbling sweet grass and digging for worms.



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