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Rurbanites and the Quails

I had pondered and wondered, deliberated and formulated about whether or not to get hens during 2015 and, as I explain in an earlier chapter, I wimped out for various reasons. Fear of disease, bird flu, being overwhelmed with the idea of having livestock in my garden when (in conventional eyes) they ought to be clucking merrily on a farm…

But the idea never really went away.

I picked up a library book about Rurbanites who lived in the city but craved the rural life. A chapter was on quails, and suddenly I could see those tiny birds scurrying around my side garden.

(That pesky side garden, always taking centre place of my rural fantasies!)

How could anyone complain about quails, petite, no smell, cute, little eggs…

And I really had to do something with my ‘bit on the side’. It was just a waste of land but I knew I was lucky to have it.

But no matter how sweet little quails were, they weren’t chickens.

And I knew if I got these quaint little creatures, I would still wish for, at a later point, hens.


So my loved ones had the pleasure(?!) of, once again, hearing me rabbiting on about chickens and how one day, I would have some. Probably ex-batts. Maybe bantams. Possibly hybrids.

One day. Not today. Or tomorrow. But definitely one day.

Finally S, exasperated at listening to the exact same spiel for the hundredth time or so, said words which, I am sure, he must have regretted many a time since.

‘If you draw a plan, I will help you build a coop.’

And so the Notorious D. I. Y project of 2017 began…

Facts of the Day

1. Quails belong to the pheasant family.

2. Quails’ eggs are seen as a delicacy and may be eaten in posh restaurants.

3. They lay about 230 eggs per year.


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